About Us

PreventionWorkz, Inc. has been the regional Area Prevention Resource Center (APRC), conducting comprehensive research based alcohol, tobacco, and other drug (ATOD) prevention for the past 20 years.  PreventionWorkz serves Grant, Garfield, Kingfisher, Major, Alfalfa, and Logan counties with federal prevention block grant funds contracted through the Oklahoma Dept. of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services. 

In 2001 PreventionWorkz, Inc. was awarded a 3 year State Incentive Grant to increase research-based prevention services related to alcohol, tobacco, and marijuana in Garfield County.  In addition, a 2001 SAMSHA Drug Free Communities grant was awarded to the consortium of PreventionWorkz, Community Development Support Association, and  Youth and Family Services of North Central Oklahoma to implement prevention based services aimed at elementary students. In 2011 the agency was awarded another 3 year State Incentive Grant to target prescription drug abuse in Garfield County.

Since it’s inception in 1992, PreventionWorkz has been an active member, including providing staffing services, to the Northwest Oklahoma Tobacco Free Coalition.  In 1998 PreventionWorkz was one of the lead agencies in developing the Students Working Against Tobacco (SWAT) movement in Oklahoma.  Mirroring the highly successful Florida SWAT movement, PreventionWorkz developed local teams in cities throughout northwest Oklahoma.  In 1999 PreventionWorkz became one of five (5) Regional Tobacco Prevention and Control sites in the State of Oklahoma and in 2003 became the first  organization to create a SWAT Mobile Education Van and Street Teams.  Modeled after the popular Legacy TRUTH Van, the SWAT Van was used at school sports events, youth hangouts, concerts, parades, and other youth events to educate teens about Big Tobacco’s lies.

In 2003 PreventionWorkz, Inc. was instrumental in the development of the Oklahoma Prevention Policy Alliance.  This group, dedicated to implementing policy changes that decrease the instances of alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use, has become a successful and influential force in promoting environmental prevention strategies.  In the short time since its creation, OPPA has been responsible for several key pieces of legislation at the state level including; Ban on Drug Paraphernalia, Ban on Drug testing Adulterants, Youth Access to Tobacco law, Tobacco Tax, Keg Identification Law, Nick Green Methamphetamine Act, Increased DUI fines, Smokefree Public Places law, and others.

PreventionWorkz, Inc. was one of the initial catalysts that brought the Reward Reminder Visit program to the state of Oklahoma.  PreventionWorkz staff provided statewide training in the RRV program for many years and has now included trainings for alcohol compliance checks in addition to the RRV training program.

Information dissemination is provided through a clearinghouse of over 700 different printed brochures, posters, and booklets, and a video lending library of over 300 separate titles.  A wide variety of organizations extensively utilize these resources including, the College of Nursing, Home School Assoc, DHS foster parents, and various youth-serving organizations.  School districts are regularly notified of new selections and constitute the majority of the clearinghouse usage.  Typically 40-50,000 pieces of information are distributed each fiscal year.  These resources are provided free of charge.  Other means of information dissemination conducted by PreventionWorkz included informational presentations by staff and youth volunteers, locally produced PSAs, and from 2005-2006 the agency produced a monthly television show on local cable and prevention column in the local newspaper.

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