The goals of the Responsible Beverage Service and Sales Training include:

  • Ensure that expectations, liabilities and legal responsibilities are communicated to all licensees/permit holders.
  • Provide clerks, managers, bartenders, and waiters who serve alcohol with the knowledge and skills to practice responsible alcohol sales and service.
  • Create a unified environment of responsible hospitality and alcohol sales throughout Oklahoma.
  • Reduce underage service and sales in Oklahoma.
  • Reduce over serving in Oklahoma.

This is a free training offered through a collaboration of PreventionWorkz and the Oklahoma Alcoholic Beverage Law Enforcement (ABLE) Commission through funding provided by the Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services.  After completing the training participants will be able to:

  • Understand legal and social responsibility
  • Identify common signs that signal an underage ID
  • Recognize signs of intoxication.



Prevention of Underage Sales:
In Oklahoma it is illegal to:

  • Knowingly sell, furnish or give alcohol to a person under twenty-one.
  • Allow any person under twenty-one to enter into, remain within or loiter about the designated bar area of a licensed premise.
  • Sell alcohol to any person suspected of purchasing with the intent to sell/give it to someone under 21.

Violation of these laws can result in fines, license suspension, license revocation, community service and/or jail time.



Prevention of Sales to Intoxicated Individuals:
It is a felony to: Knowingly sell, furnish or give alcohol to an insane, mentally deficient, or intoxicated person.   Any person who permits any individual to be drunk or intoxicated in their business shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and faces fines of $100 and/or 30 days in jail.