Social Host


Property Owners are Accountable.
If people under 21 are gathered and drinking on private property, the person who provides the location is considered the Social Host, and will be held accountable.
Accountability Goes Beyond the Party.
A “Social Host” can be a minor or adult and does not have to be physically present or the actual property owner.
Fines are Immediate.
Social Host violations carry a first-time fine of up to $500.
Adults and Minors are Accountable.
If someone is injured or killed because of a Social Host violation, you can be charged with a felony, punishable by up to 5 years in prison and a fine up to $2,500.
Repeat Offenders Can go to Prison.
Fines increase with additional violations — three strikes gets you a felony conviction with up to 5 years in prison and a fine up to $2,500.

Our Kids Are Worth It!
Oklahoma is a great place to raise a family. That’s because we care about community: We’re looking out for our neighbors’ families, not just our own. Because that’s the kind of people we are.

Underage drinking hurts kids — there’s no two ways about it.
• 40% of Oklahoma high school students are current drinkers, with 20% having their first drink before age 13. (YRBS, 2009)
• Most Oklahoma teens report getting alcohol from “social sources” – friends, family, and other people.
• Underage drinking cost the citizens of Oklahoma $831 million in 2010 in youth violence/injury, traffic crashes, property crime, and other consequences. (PIRE, 2011)
• In 2009, kids under 21 consumed 20% of all alcohol sold in Oklahoma. (PIRE, 2011)

And in a community like ours, it’s our responsibility to make sure these things don’t happen to any kid.

It’s the Law
Oklahoma’s Social Host law means it’s up to you to make sure kids don’t drink in your home or on your property.

The law is clear: If kids under age 21 are drinking alcohol at a gathering, and you’re providing the location for that gathering, you’re responsible — whether you’re an adult or a minor, and whether you rent, own, or simply provide the location. Fines for the first offense are up to $500.

They’re All Our Kids
It’s unthinkable to imagine your child in a drunkdriving crash, a fight, engaging in risky sexual activity or any incident caused by underage drinking. And there’s no doubt you’d do anything in your power to keep that from happening.
But would it be acceptable if something like this happened to your child’s best friend? Your nephew? Your neighbor’s kid? Any kid?
Of course it wouldn’t. That’s why it’s so important that we do everything in our power to keep alcohol away from kids. Because they’re all our kids. They’re Oklahoma’s kids.

And Oklahomans look out for their own.

Download the Social Host Brochure Here