Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities

Tobacco Reward-Reminder Visits (RRVs)
RRVs are an educational effort aimed at reminding retailers about the importance of asking for IDs.  Youth and adults conduct “unconsummated” tobacco purchases followed by either a reward (gift certificate, other incentive item) for retailers who ask for IDs, or a reminder (information about the penalties for selling to youth). (Youth ages 13-17); (Adults)

Alcohol Compliance Checks
Conducted with local law enforcement agencies the compliance checks ensure that retailers check IDs and do not serve alcohol to minors.  Young adults work with law enforcement and staff to conduct purchase attempts at both off-site (liquor stores, grocer/convenience stores) and on-site (clubs, restaurants) retailers.
(Youth ages 18-20);  (Adults)

Risk Assessment Surveys
Volunteers attend identified community events or places where alcohol is consumed (i.e. bars/restaurants) and conduct a Risk Assessment Survey identifying concerns, strengths, and areas for improvement regarding the sale, consumption, and advertising of alcohol.  The goal is to provide information and support to help event planners/owners prevent underage or dangerous consumption. (Adults over 21)

Marketing Awareness
Volunteers conduct advertising awareness visits to gather information on the levels of alcohol/tobacco marketing in their community.  Volunteers visit stores and count the number and placement of signs both inside and outside. (ANY AGE)

Events/Information Dissemination
Distributing posters, labels, magnets etc., assembling of packets.  Assist with setting up and breaking down of meetings, individuals willing to help with Take Back Events, data collection (ANY AGE)

To sign-up as a volunteer contact the agency at volunteer@preventionworkz.org